Debate on amendment to Child Care and Protection Act put on hold pending further deliberation

Debate in the Lower House on the controversial amendment to the Child Care and Protection Act has been put on hold pending further deliberation from opposition members.


Yesterday Youth Minister Fayval Williams opened the debate and got support from her government colleagues.


But the matter stalled after some opposition members expressed concern about the changes being proposed.


Among the proposed changes is the repeal of the section of the act that labels children as ‘uncontrollable’, disallowing judges from locking up children in penal institutions without charge.


Mrs. Williams noted that the amended law will instead classify the children as having behavioral challenges and the court ordering therapeutic or psychological intervention. 


But, opposition Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna expressed concern about the parliament rubber stamping legislation that’s not properly ventilated.


That matter will resume at the next meeting of the House. 



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