Alleged Daryl Vaz impersonator and would-be scammer charged

The police have charged an auto mechanic who allegedly impersonated Government Minister Daryl Vaz and attempted to defraud persons using the minister’s name, following an incident in Kingston on Wednesday, January 10.

Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud and Attempts to Obtain Money by False Pretense, is 31-year-old Giovani Francis, otherwise called ‘Geico’, of Delmar District in Drax Hall, St. Ann.

Reports from the Denham Town Police are that about 3:10 p.m., Francis contacted a man by telephone purporting to be Mr. Vaz.

While pretending to be the minister, Francis claimed he could purchase two Toyota Prado motor vehicles at an upcoming auction at a reduced rate. 

He further claimed that the only money the man should pay is the customs and storage fees amounting to JMD$2.5 million. 

The would-be scam victim then raised suspicion and contacted Minister Vaz, who confirmed that the activity was a scam, and encouraged the man to contact the police. 

A report was made to the police and Francis was arrested during an operation. 

He was charged following a question-and answer session with his attorney.

His court date has not been finalized. 


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