Advocates Network joins call for gov’t to expedite the process of removing King Charles III as head of state

With the official period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth the second now concluded, the Advocates Network is calling on the government to expedite the process of removing the new monarch, King Charles, as Head of State.

The network said it is now more than six months since Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared in parliament that an advisory committee would be established to advise government on how to move Jamaica from a constitutional monarchy to a republic.

Later, on March 24 this year, he told the Duke of Cambridge that Jamaica is moving on.

In a release today (September 20), the Advocates Network noted that the 2022/2023 budget has taxpayers funding some 572 million dollars associated with the new Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

It noted that the primary objective of the new ministry was to reform the constitution to enable Jamaica to transition from a constitutional monarchy to a republic, however eight months later there has been no agenda, plan, nor strategy to achieve this objective.

Speaking with Irie FM News, Spokesman Reverend Father Sean Major-Campbell said the government needs to get the ball rolling on removing the king.

He said the bill to do so, must be taken to parliament to ensure the king’s removal by Jamaica’s 61st celebration of independence.

He said Jamaica needs its own identity.


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