4 killed in Palisadoes crash this morning; 2 others killed in St. Elizabeth and Clarendon between yesterday and this morning

Four people are dead, and two others were injured in a crash along the Palisadoes main road in Kingston, this morning (December 11).


Police have not released their identities, noting only that the deceased are two females and two males.


The accident occurred at 5:40 am and involved a white Probox and a black Prado Land Cruiser.


Preliminary reports are that the driver of the Prado Land Cruiser, who is a Russian national and his daughter were travelling towards Harbour View, when the vehicle failed to keep left and collided with the Toyota Probox in which 4 people were travelling.


The 6 persons were taken to hospital, where all four occupants of the Toyota Probox were pronounced dead and the occupants of the Prado Land Cruiser treated and released.


Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Dr. Lucien Jones has described the accident as tragic.



He is urging road users to exercise caution when traversing the nation’s roadways.



And two others were killed in separate crashes in St. Elizabeth and Clarendon between yesterday (December 10) and this morning.


Dead are 17-year-old Jaheim Calbert of  Harmony Lane, Santa Cruz in St. Elizabeth and 24-year -old  Dahomie Ford of Gimme-Mi-Bit, Clarendon.


Reports are that the teenager died from injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident on the Gilnock main road in St. Elizabeth this morning.


According to the Santa Cruz police about 12:05 a.m., Calbert was driving a Nissan Note

motorcar from Santa Cruz when he collided with a Subaru Legacy motorcar, travelling in the opposite direction that failed to keep left.


The police were alerted and the two injured occupants of the Subaru legacy motorcar were transported to hospital where they were admitted for treatment while Calbert was pronounced dead.


And Irie FM News also received reports of another crash in St. Elizabeth this morning. Four persons were injured in that crash.


Meanwhile, twenty-four-year-old Dahomie Ford was killed in a vehicular collision along the milk river main road in Clarendon, yesterday.


Reports are that about 1:30 p.m., ford was driving a Yeng Yeng motorcycle along the roadway towards  York Town  when the motorcycle collided with a Toyota Probox motor car that was travelling in the opposite direction.


Ford was thrown from the motorcycle and sustained several injuries.


The driver of the motor car—a woman—was also injured. Both were taken to the hospital, where ford was pronounced dead.





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