253 foreign nationals who arrived on German charter flight to leave the island today

The 253 foreign nationals, including crew members who arrived on a German charter flight last Thursday are expected to depart the island today.

On Monday, the National Security Ministry said the passengers, which consist of Indians, Germans and Uzbek nationals, were awaiting the finalization of arrangements for their departure, at the Norman Manley International Airport, in Kingston.

Speculations were raised about the passengers following reports of their arrival.

The opposition People’s National Party also called for clarity on the matter.

In response, the ministry explained that the flight arrived in the island legally on may 2, having received the requisite approvals for operation from the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority.

It explained that despite having arrangements in place for accommodation and departure from the country, the passengers were refused entry by immigration officials, based on security issues, such as anomalies with the permit application, which were uncovered during their processing at the airport.

The ministry said the necessary supporting documents were later supplied to satisfy the requirements for obtaining a permit to operate to Jamaica.

It noted that upon landing in Jamaica, it was discovered that there were two passengers on the flight that did not appear on the submitted passenger manifest.

Following investigations by the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency, (PICA) the decision was taken not to grant the passengers leave to land in Jamaica.

The occupants were initially not allowed to leave the plane, however, based on their reservations at the ROK Hotel in Downtown Kingston, they were escorted to the hotel by law enforcement and immigration personnel.

A source in the security ministry told Irie Fm news last night, that the 253 passengers were slated to depart the island early this morning.


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