2 children killed in crashes last evening, pushing child road fatalities since January to 8

Two children are among 4 people killed in separate road crashes in St. Catherine and Westmoreland, last evening.

Dead are a 12 year old boy whose identity has not yet been released, 14-year-old Shanique Savariau, her father, 48-year-old Alwyne Savariau and  43-year-old Owen Barnes.

The latter three are all from Westmoreland.

Six other people are being treated for minor injuries.

Police say the 12 year old boy was hit by a motor car along the Newlands main road in St. Catherine at about 6:30 p-m, while Shanique and the 2 men were killed in a collision along Bay Road, Little London in Westmoreland at about 9:40 p-m.

 Head of the police’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, PSTEB Assistant Commissioner Gary McKenzie said a Toyota Hiace motor bus and a motor car were involved in the triple fatal crash in Westmoreland.

Noting that just hours earlier the boy was mowed down in Portmore, St. Catherine, ACP McKenzie emphasized that children must be protected by other road users.

 And, concern has been raised that 8 children have been killed in road crashes since the start of the year.

Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Dr. Lucien Jones made the revelation this morning.

This following the death of 2 children in separate crashes in St. Catherine and Westmoreland, last evening.

Dr. Jones said the growing number of children being killed on the nation’s roads is alarming.

153 people have been killed on the nation’s road since the start of the year.


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