Young Jamaica challenges Opposition to propose alternative relief plan which ensures Jamaica’s current and future financial stability

The youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, Young Jamaica, has challenged the Opposition, People’s National Party to propose an alternative relief plan, which ensures Jamaica’s current and future financial stability.

Last week, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, outlined a raft of financial support programmes, amounting to an additional 2. 7 billion dollars, for many in the vulnerable population.


The announcement brought total support, to 3.8 billion dollars.


However, Opposition Leader, Mark Golding maintained that although the financial assistance is a step in the right direction, it is not sufficient to help the Jamaican people.


President of Young Jamaica, Rohan Walsh has suggested that Mr. Golding propose an effective solution to address Jamaica’s financial concerns, rather than criticize the Government’s efforts.

He notes that the Government has introduced electronic direct transfer of relief funds for the people of Jamaica.


This, Mr. Walsh claims, has never been done by any other administration.




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