WTA accepts responsibility for “challenging conditions” in Mexico

The Women’s Tennis Association says it accepts responsibility for the “challenging conditions” its players have faced at the ongoing WTA finals in Cancun, Mexico.

world number one Aryna sabalenka said she felt “disrespected” by the Organization while Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova said the WTA was “not interested” in players’ feelings.

In a letter sent to the players, WTA Chief executive Steve Simon admitted things had been far from perfect and they are working to have them corrected.

Cancun was named as the venue for the tournament less than two months before it started, after talks between the wta and saudi arabia failed to yield an agreement for 2023.

The players have complained bitterly about bounce on the centre court in the Mexican resort that they say has been inconsistent, and the court only opened for practice on the day before the finals began.

Some of the tour’s leading players sent a letter to Simon last month outlining increasing dissatisfaction with the way the tour is being run.

Simon explained that other priorities for the immediate future include greater consistency in the brand of tennis balls used, and better social media promotion of the tour, as well as addressing the unsatisfactory nature of the WTA finals.


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