Wounded members of Jahshii entourage remain hospitalised in stable condition

The six members of dance hall artiste Jahshii’s entourage, who were shot and wounded during a gun attack in Kingston this morning, remain hospitalized in stable condition.


This as their wounds are not considered life threatening.


The six were shot and wounded during a gun attack on the vehicle transporting Jahshii and his crew along constant spring road.


Jahshii, whose given name is Mluleki Tafari Clarke, was not hurt.


Police theorize that Jahshii was the target of the attack, which was an alleged reprisal for an incident that occurred some weeks ago, involving Jahshii’s mother and a man who was later killed.


Jahshii’s mother has denied the claims that she was involved in the altercation.


Following this morning’s shooting incident, the police urged Jahshii to turn himself in for questioning and also implemented measures in the area to prevent a counter reprisal.


Head of the JCF communications unit senior superintendent Stephanie Lindsay said based on reports, Jahshii’s entourage was fired on by armed men on motorcycles.



She is appealing for persons with information about the incident to tell the police what they know.





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