World Cup qualifier match time between Reggae Boyz and Domincan Republic brought forward from 6.30pm to 3.30pm

The kick-off time has been adjusted to an earlier start, for Thursday’s opening CONCACAF World Cup qualifier between Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz and the Dominican Republic, at the National Stadium.

The match time has been brought forward from 6.30 to 3.30pm, after confirmation came from the Regional Governing Body CONCACAF on Wednesday morning..

There was uncertainty this morning, about the start time following an inspection of the lighting situation at the Stadium on Tuesday night

Speaking at a media briefing this morning JFF Press Officer Simon Preston made the revelation.

Meantime Reggae Boyz Head coach Heimir Hallgrímsson, says while the change wont make much of a difference for the players, he is concerned that fans will not be able to come out at that time of the afternoon.

Meanwhile General Manager at Independence Park Limited Major Desmond Brown, says while the lighting got a passing mark from Phase Three last night, there must have been other considerations in his view.

In the meantime Opposition Spokesman on Sports former West Indies batsman Wavell Hinds has weighed in on the matter.

Hinds says the Government has failed to address an important matter that they were aware of long in advance.


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