Woman blames KPH for poor service, says mother missed MRI tests due to this

The lack of an ambulance and inadequate nursing staff at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), are being cited as the reasons a woman has missed 3 appointments for an MRI, at another facility.

Claudette Grant is appealing for help better medical care for her mother, who remains at KPH

She explains that her mother, who is diabetic, recently fell and suffered serious injury to her head, resulting in swelling.

The patient has become unresponsive and is being fed, via a tube.

Ms Grant states that because KPH does not have a functioning MRI machine, multiple arrangements were made for the test to be done, under the government’s partnership programme, at another facility.

However, the patient was not taken to do the tests, reportedly because there was no ambulance to transport her.

Ms Grant is expressing additional frustration with being told that KPH has discharged her mother, even though she still needs medical attention.

She points out that she is already caring for her sick daughter and is unsure of what to do next.

When contacted, Regional Director for the South East Regional Health Authority Errol Green, said the patient was discharged, but referred as an outpatient, to the other facility for the MRI.

He said since the patient remains at KPH, she continues to receive care, and that if still necessary, an MRI will be done.

Mr Green said the patent’s family has been advised to go to the hospital today, for further discussions with medical staff.


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