Wippa Demus vents after going viral for stepping on Luciano’s boot

Entertainer Wippa Demus is telling his tale after he went viral for stepping on Luciano’s shoe while performing at an event dubbed the Return of Luciano.

The hilarious video showed Wippa Demus performing his song “Suzie Wong,” when he was interrupted by Luciano who snatched the microphone from him, before he blurted out that Wippa stepped on his boot.

In his response, Wippa Demus reminded Luciano that he is “Jah Messenger” on earth who promotes righteousness and upliftment before questioning if Luci practised what he preached.

Wippa Demus further lamented that the incident stemmed from an issue that allegedly occurred some four years ago, that he claims he and Luciano have spoken about multiple times.

The viral video has since gotten reactions from the likes of Popcaan who shared the post on his timeline. “A which bwoy step pan the messenger boot?” Popcaan wrote, followed by four laughing emojis. He continued in part, “Me nuh like that man.” Popcaan wrote on Instagram.

Bounty Killer, rapper Bobby Shmurda, Rohan Marley, Laalee, Jesse Royal Gramps Morgan, and Zamunda are some of the entertainers among the many social media users who found the saga amusing.

Meanwhile, Wippa Demus has already released a video of himself in the studio recording a song about accidentally stepping on Luciano’s shoe.


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