Windrush scandal victims upset about slow pace of processing for compensation

Some victims of the Windrush scandal in the United Kingdom are reportedly upset about the slow pace of processing for compensation.


The Windrush scandal, refers to the 2018 political action, in which several persons, including some from Jamaica, who had relocated to the UK from as early as the 1950’s, were wrongfully classified as illegal migrants, resulting in deportation, detention, as well as loss of jobs, homes and access to health care.


The UK government subsequently announced that the victims would be compensated, but up to late last year, only about 5% of those affected received payment.


The issue was highlighted during the Windrush International Conference, hosted by the Windrush National Organisation, in Birmingham, yesterday.


Irie FM News UK correspondent Dujohn Johnson was there and filed this report.





Attendees at the Windrush International Conference, voiced their frustration with the compensation process, cited several failed promises by the UK home office to expedite the payments, and expressed that they have grown tired after years of waiting.


They also pointed out that some Windrush victims died before being compensated.


In response to the concerns, UK Home Office Minister, Lord Simon Murray, said the office has been working hard to improve the compensation scheme.


According to the home office, as of August 2022, just under £50m was paid out, to over 1,200 claimants.


It said additional staff members have been recruited and are being trained, in a bid to have them assigned to the Windrush scheme, so that processing can be sped up.


The office added that over 15,000 members of the Windrush generation have so far received documentation as a British citizen.


Of that number, over 3,000 are from Jamaica.


Meantime, WNO advocate, Glenda Caesar urged the home office to listen to the Windrush community.



She said the WNO will continue to be a voice for the Windrush victims, and ensure that they get compensation.



And, WNO Director, Bishop Dr. Desmond Jaddoo announced at the conference, the launch of the Windrush Welfare Fund.





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