Windalco workers vow to continue protests tomorrow

The strike at Windalco’s Bauxite and Alumina production locations seems set to continue for a third consecutive day.

This as workers vow to remain off the job, until they receive satisfactory answers from the company’s management regarding their protracted wage negotiations.


A breakdown in the negotiations between the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, UCASE, and the management of UC Rusal resulted in the matter being referred to the Industrial Disputes Tribunal by the Labour Minister.

Despite the tribunal issuing a cease-and-desist order against industrial actions at the company, workers continue to withdraw their service, participating in a second day of industrial action, today.


The strike has impacted Windalco’s Kirkvine, and Port Esquivel locations, and the Ewarton Plant.


Speaking with Irie FM News, UCASE President Vincent Morrison said the workers are angry that they have still not received satisfactory communication from management.



Today’s industrial action led to the section of the Ewarton main road in the vicinity of Windalco’s main gate being blocked as upset workers gathered.


Police were forced to intervene to clear the roadway and maintain calm among the workers who had used their vehicles to block the company’s entrance.


They have vowed to keep up today’s protest until 8 this evening, and to resume at 6 tomorrow morning if their demands are not met.



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