Windalco completes second effluent holding pond expected to reduce spillage into the Rio Cobre

The Ministry of Mining has welcomed the completion of Windalco’ s second effluent holding pond.

According to the Ministry, this significant milestone marks a crucial step towards enhancing environmental sustainability in the mining industry.

Windalco, is a prominent player in the mining sector.

The Ministry says the project aims to contribute to the reduction of spillage into the Rio Cobre by providing an additional 700-thousand cubic meters of storage capacity.

Portfolio Minister Floyd Green said the secondary holding pond will serve as a vital backup system when the primary storage facility reaches its capacity.

Last Wednesday, august 23, the Minister conducted a tour of Windalco, including the newly completed pond, mud stacking facilities, the effluent holding pond 1 and the Windalco plant.

During the tour, the Minister witnessed first-hand the engineering practices utilized in the construction of the new holding pond, and explored the steps that will be taken by Windalco to minimize the environmental impact.

In recent times there have been several effluent spills in the Rio Cobre resulting in fish kill.


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