Westmoreland police to undertake education campaign on road codes

The Westmoreland police will be undertaking a robust public education campaign to educate motorists on road codes and proper use of motor vehicles.

This, as the parish recorded 61 fatalities from crashes in 2023 – the highest number of any police division.

Speaking on the frequency of crashes in the parish, zone commander for Little London and Negril in Westmoreland, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Shaunjaye Mitchell, noted that motorcyclists accounted for a large percentage of the deaths.

He said work will be undertaken to help reduce the number of crashes in the parish.

He said the latest crash in the parish, fortunately did not result in the loss of life.

Passengers who were travelling aboard a Toyota Voxy motor car on Tuesday narrowly escaped injuries after the vehicle collided with the Negril bridge and plunged into the river.

DSP Mitchell said the damaged area of the bridge, has been cordoned off, and motorists are advised to use an alternative route.


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