Westmoreland livestock farmers still struggling to find animal feed

Livestock farmers in Westmoreland continue to struggle to get feed for their animals, and are appealing for help.


Checks by IRIE FM News showed that some farm stores had run out of supplies with operators expressing hope, that their supplies will be replenished, this week.


Farmers have also told IRIE FM News that when feed arrives at the farm stores, there are long lines and farmers will only get a bag or two .


Pig farmer Desmond Dennison says someone should tell livestock farmers in Westmoreland, what’s happening.



Mr. Dennison says he’s been trying to find alternatives for his animals.



Meantime, poultry farmer Clifton Grant told IRIE FM News that he has survived by travelling to St. Elizabeth and Hanover, to get chicken feed.



Meantime, Vice president of the Hi-Pro-division of Jamaica Broilers, Jamie Ogilvie says the company’s production and distribution systems, have been fully operational.


He explains that production of animal feed was only halted on Christmas day, and that Hi-Pro has distributed 10% more than the corresponding period, last year.


Mr. Ogilvie says the company is using its systems to find out which areas are not being supplied.



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