Westmoreland Councillor Lawton McKenzie returns to PNP, 2 months after resignation

Councillor for the Grange Hill Division in Westmoreland, Lawton McKenzie has returned to the People’s National Party (PNP) some two months after he resigned.

In July, Councillor McKenzie, along with Ian Myles of the Little London Division and Garfield James of the Sheffield Division resigned from the party, citing no confidence in the PNP and declaring themselves as independent.

Myles and James crossed the floor to join the Jamaica Labour Party yesterday (September 14), giving the JLP the advantage with six councillors, over the PNP’s five councillors.

During an impromptu press conference today, Councillor McKenzie announced his return to the PNP and retracted his no-confidence resolution.

Councillor McKenzie’s return to the PNP evenly splits the number of seats between the parties, with each now having six councillors.

Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar Bertel Moore, who is also affiliated with the PNP, expressed pleasure with Councillor McKenzie’s decision to return to the Party.

He pledged to work assiduously with McKenzie and others to secure victory in the next Local Government Election.


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