West Indies Players Association (WIPA) urges Court of Arbitration (CAS) to deliver decision on John Campbell’s appeal

The West Indies Players Association (WIPA) has urged the court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to immediately deliver its decision …….on the appeal from West Indies  batsman John Campbell concerning his suspension for an anti-doping violation.

WIPA bemoaned the length of time it had taken the Switzerland-based C.A.S to hand down a decision on the appeal, ………..after the 30-year-old Jamaican was banned for four years for refusing to submit a blood sample for testing in April 2022 .

According to a news release from WIPA, attorneys for campbell filed an appeal with the C.A.S in December 2022, but the case continues to drag on .

The matter was heard before CAS in April 2023, and a decision was to be handed down on August 31, 2023,” the WIPA news release indicated.

However, ……..the release further stated that the decision has now been postponed without reason six times with a new ruling date of May 31, 2024,… leaving the athlete in an unacceptable state of limbo .

The WIPA news release noted that the World Llayers’ Association (wpa) and the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (fica) were standing in solidarity with Campbell and WIPA in………………what it called “the fight for fairness”.


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