Vybz Kartel et al retrial hearing to continue next Tuesday

The hearing to determine if dance hall artiste Vybz Kartel and his co-appellants will face a retrial has been extended by one day.

Initially the hearing was expected to end today.

However, the matter will continue next Tuesday in the Court of Appeal.

It is expected that on Tuesday, defense lawyers will respond to submissions made by the prosecution. 

The Crown has argued that a retrial should be held in the interest of justice.

In court today, prosecutor Janek Forbes cited several cases in which retrials were ordered.

Mr. Forbes also pointed out that publicity of Kartel’s case will not affect a new jury in a retrial 

Meantime, the Court of Appeal made reference to a report from the Supreme Court which outlined the length of time retrials and other cases took to be disposed of.

The court had requested the information, which will guide its decision.

The report outlined that, of the cases sent for retrial over the last six years, two murder matters have not had dates set for those cases to be heard.

The accused in both cases remain in custody.

The lawyers representing Kartel and his co-appellants have given several reasons why the court should set them free.


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