Victor Tomlinson receives order of merit from Pan American Hockey Federation

Former Jamaica Hockey Federation President Victor Tomlinson was yesterday bestowed with the order of merit by the regional governing body of the sport, the Pan American Hockey Federation. 

Tomlinson who previously served as President of Pan American Hockey Federation Congress and forum in Chile. 

During his tenure as president, Tomlinson  “established a functional secretariat office,  brought back Indoor Hockey in the arena after a 17-year absence, established relationships with many hockey-playing nations in the hemisphere, made connections one-on-one with the  International Hockey Federation . 

Meanwhile, current president of the  Jamaica Hockey Federation Fabian Stewart was elected to the board of the regional body. 

The congress marked a significant milestone for the sport of field hockey in the Pan American region, as it provided a platform for national associations , to discuss and celebrate the future of hockey in the Americas.

Under item number two on the agenda, the congress addressed essential governance matters by approving amendments and changes to the organization’s statutes, ensuring that Pan American Hockey Federation remains agile and responsive to the evolving needs of the sport.


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