Victim stabs alleged robber in Manchester

The Manchester police are investigating an incident in which an alleged robber was fatally stabbed in a struggle with his victim at Newport in Manchester.

Reports from the Mandeville police are that about 8:45 p.m. On Thursday, two men, one armed with a knife and the other armed with a firearm, approached a shop with several people.

The armed men reportedly robbed the shop owner and one of the workers of electronics, alcohol and cash.

It is reported that the man who was armed with the firearm then forced the shop owner to his house, which is close to the shop, and demanded more money.

The shop-owner allegedly resisted and during a struggle, the robber was stabbed. 

The police were summoned and on their arrival, the robber was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The second robber escaped.

Several items were retrieved at the scene, including a ratchet knife and a Taurus 9 MM pistol with five 9 MM rounds.

The deceased robber remains unidentified.

He is of brown complexion, about 6 feet long and believed to be in his thirties. He was clad in a blue shirt, black jeans and brown Clarks shoes.

Investigations continue.


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