Vendors preparing for Crab Circle’s reopening this afternoon

Following the controversial shutdown some weeks ago, Crab Circle is scheduled to be reopened this afternoon, with an official ceremony put on by the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation.

The reopening follows the training and certification of the food vendors by the HEART/NSTA trust and other entities.

The training was mandated after a video showing one of the vendors engaged in unsanitary practices went viral.

When IRIE FM news went to the facility this morning, vendors at the popular spot, located at the National Heroes Circle in Kingston, were busy preparing for the reopening.

One vendor told IRIE FM news that she was happy with the changes implemented by the Municipality.

She noted, however, that despite several positive changes to the Crab Circle operations, the public will need time to regain vendors’ trust.

Meantime, one bystander urged Jamaicans not to give up on the area.

He said citizens should give the food spot a second chance, especially since visible measures are being implemented to ensure food safety.


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