Vaz urges gasoline retailers to prepare for switch to electric vehicles

Declaring that the future of transportation is electric, Energy Minister Daryl Vaz says gasoline retailers have sufficient time to prepare for electric vehicles.

According to Mr. Vaz, the electric vehicle policy supports the integration of electric vehicles and the requisite infrastructure.

He explains that government is steadfast in its commitment to transform the energy landscape through various policies, as the journey towards a sustainable energy future is guided by comprehensive policy initiatives.

Mr. Vaz says the goal is to create a modern efficient diversified and environmentally sustainable energy sector.

Concerning electric vehicles, Mr. Vaz says service stations will play a pivotal role in the transition.

Mr. Vaz points to the cost of the EVs, saying he believes over time the prices will fall.

He indicates this will give operators time to be ready for the increased use of those vehicles.

He was addressing a Texaco retail network conference today, at Jewel Paradise Cove, St. Ann.


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