Vaz says Golding’s criticism of fare increase was to score political points

Transport Minister Daryl Vaz has described as irresponsible, criticism from opposition leader Mark Golding, who chastised the government for granting a fare increase to public transport operators.

On Sunday, Mr. Golding claimed that people were suffering because of the increase.

He said while transport operators undoubtedly needed it, the government could have cushioned the impact on citizens.

In response to Mr Golding, the transport minister noted that the opposition was consulted in the deliberations leading up to the announced fare increases, and played a part in the final decision made.

Mr Vaz said Mr. Golding’s statements were irresponsible and meant to score cheap political points.

The 35 per cent fare increase will be applied in two phases.

On Sunday October 15, a 19 per cent increase was effected.

The second phase, a further increase of 16 per cent will take effect in April 2024.


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