Valiant’s ‘Rasta’ not taken lightly in the Rastafarian community

Following yesterday’s twitter feud between Grammy Winner Kabaka Pyramid and Producer Countree Hype, members of the Rastafarian community are adding their voice to the saga.

Speaking with Music News a prominent member of the Rastafarian community noted that the video is stupid, the song has no story line and is really ridiculing the Rasta man at the end.

But is the song really ridiculing the Rastafarian faith or have we gotten thin skinned and should look at it as just a song?

Music News posed the questions to Professor of Culture, Gender and Society at the University of the West Indies, Donna Hope. Professor Hope says while Valiant’s video concept could have moderated its treatment of Rastafarian symbols and ideals used, Rastas should not chastise an artiste for articulating concepts they see around them.

The video released 9 days ago has already garnered 1.4 million views on youtube and has evoked strong reactions with some Rastas siding with the artiste and others seemingly scolding him for the concept.

Efforts to get a comment from Valiant has proven futile.

Grammy Award winner, Kabaka Pyramid took it up a notch, accusing the fast-rising artiste of making a mockery of Rastas.


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