Usain Bolt’s over 12 million Us Dollars must be returned within 10 days ..or Else!

Legal action will be taken against embattled licensed securities dealer stocks and securities limited if there is failure to have the money missing from the account of retired Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt returned within 10 days.

This according to a letter written yesterday by lawyers representing Bolt demanding repayment of just over S.S $12.758 million dollars which have reportedly gone missing from an account belonging to the eight-time Olympic champion at the financial entity.

The letter from the firm Frater, Ennis and Gordon  warned S-S-L of possible civil & criminal proceedings, and was copied to several officials including prime minister Andrew Holness, Finance Minister Nigel Clarke,  financial secretary Darlene Morrison and governor of the Central Bank Richard Byles.

The correspondence which cautioned the manager and directors of stocks and securities limited to ensure bolt’s funds are returned to him……began with the attorneys stating they’ve been advised that bolt’s account has been depleted from just over U.S 12.758 million  to just over U.S 12,000.

It goes on to state …quote “if this is correct and we are hoping it is not, then a serious act of fraud, larceny or a combination of both have been committed against our client.” ……………. end of quote

It continues with the attorneys demanding that said funds of US $12.758 million be paid over to Bolt by January 27.

Speaking to Irie Fm Linton p. Gordon the attorneys representing bolt explains.


According to Gordon criminal and civil proceedings will be taken against the entity and its directors.


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