US Embassy seeks to clarify travel advisory to Jamaica

The United States Embassy in Jamaica has sought to clarify, that the level of the travel advisory issued for Jamaica by the US State Department did not change with the last update.

The embassy says the alert remains at level 3, the same level it has been since March 2022.

In a release issued on Wednesday, the embassy stresses that the State Department’s January 23 update regarding travel to Jamaica was a routine release.

It says the release provided an analytical update on medical services and was not timed with any other issue.

The embassy further explains that the update incorporated analysis of accidents, illnesses, and deaths of U.S. citizens based on a review of health services and the medical care received when U.S. citizens are hospitalized in Jamaica.

It notes that Jamaica is and will continue to be a major tourist destination for U.S. citizens and that it will continue to work with the Jamaican government and local partners to serve the interests of U.S. citizens and promote the well-being of Jamaicans.

The embassy states that the U.S. Department of State’s priority is the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas and that the department is obligated to provide information to U.S. citizens traveling or residing abroad through travel advisories.

It further notes that travel advisories are aimed at helping people assess the risks of international travel and understand what steps to take to ensure their safety overseas.


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