US and Mexico to launch Joint bid for hosting rights for 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup

A joint bid is set to be launched by the United States and Mexico to secure the hosting rights for the 2027 fifa Women’s World cup.

The bid which is to be submitted before Fifa’s deadline set for may 19 is expected to face competition from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany who announced a joint bid in March, while Brazil and South Africa have also expressed an interest in staging the event.

The dual bid for the 2027 Fifa Women’s World Cup will come on the heels of the 2026 Fifa Men’s World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Countries are expected to submit their official bids by December 8 this year, with the winner to be announced at the Fifa congress, due to be staged on May 17 next year.

In addition, each bidder will also be required to appoint a bid compliance and ethics officer to monitor their compliance with the bidding process and to also engage with an independent audit company to monitor Fifa’s compliance with the principles and procedures of the process.

Fifa in the meantime will establish a bid evaluation task force to evaluate all submitted bids and in February will conduct on-site inspection visits to bidding countries and will publish the fifa bid evaluation report in may 2024.

A bid workshop and observer programme will also take place at the 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup, scheduled to be held from July 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand and which will be attended by a record six teams from Concacaf including Jamaica.



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