Upset Jamaican farmworkers at farm in Canada resume normal duties, following a protest over poor working conditions

Some upset Jamaican farmworkers at a farm in Ontario, Canada, have resumed normal duties, following a protest over poor working conditions yesterday (June 1).


The workers withdrew services and complained about operating in subpar conditions, including being affected by sewerage water flooding the bunkhouse.


Earlier this afternoon, Labour Minister Pearnel Charles Jr ordered an investigation into the living conditions and work environment of the workers.


In an update, the Labour Ministry said the workers resumed duties yesterday, immediately after the situation was rectified.


It said liaison officers intervened and met with the workers, as well as the operators of the farm today.


The farm operator has committed to fixing the issues raised by the farm workers.


The liaison officers will continue to monitor the situation.


This development follows reports of sub-standard conditions on some farms in Canada last year.


A fact-finding team, appointed to assess the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Programme in Canada found that most of the Jamaican employees were satisfied with their working and living conditions.


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