UPDATE: Rushane Barnett who pleaded guilty to killing five of his relatives, to be sentenced today

Rushane Barnett who pleaded guilty to killing five of his relatives in Clarendon, in June, is to be sentenced today (October 20).


The sentencing in relation to the murders of his 5 cousins – 31-year-old Kemesha Wright and her children, 15-year-old Kimanda Smith, 12-year-old Sharalee Smith, five-year-old Rafaella Smith and 23-month-old Keshawn Henry Junior is to take place in the Home Circuit Court.


When Barnett’s case was called up in court last month, it was revealed that the prosecution opted to withdraw the notice of intention to seek the death penalty.


Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Lewellyn told the court that Barnett’s guilty plea was taken into consideration.


The DPP explained that with the death penalty no longer on the table, the prosecution has adjusted its recommendations for a sentence to life imprisonment.


She described the incident as the worst example of an offence of murder committed at the same time, with 5 victims at the same location.


She recommended that Barnett serves 60 years before being eligible for parole.


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