UPDATE: Five shot and killed in separate Manchester, St James and Clarendon incidents

Five people were shot and killed in separate incidents in St James, Clarendon and Manchester, on Sunday morning.

In the latest incident in Clarendon, at around 11: 20 A.M., a man believed to be a taxi operator, was shot and killed in toll gate.

His identity has not yet been confirmed.

In the another incident, two men were shot and killed in Dumfries, in St. James.

The deceased have been identified as 22 year old Jevaunie Gordon of Johnson Hill, Salt Marsh, Trelawny and 33 year old Adolphus Holder of Penn Gate, Dumfries St. James.

Police report that the deceased were shot and killed by unknown assailants at a party around 3 A.M.

Police were called to the scene and holder and Gordon were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

And some time around 10 A.M., four people were shot at a bar in Chudleigh, in Christiana, Manchester.

Two of them died.

A relative identified one of the deceased as Stenny Hutchinson otherwise called “Dippy”, of Finegrass near Chudleigh.

Irie Fm news understands that about 10:30 A.M., a gunman opened fire on the men at a bar located along the Chudleigh to Christiana main road.

Two have been confirmed dead, while the other two were taken to hospital for treatment.

A resident of the community lamented that this is the second shooting incident in the area in recent days.


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