UPDATE: Cop linked to case of missing influencer Donna Lee Donaldson will have to remain in lockup until after ’emancipendence’ holiday

The policeman linked to the case of missing influencer, Donna Lee Donaldson, will have to remain in lockup until after the ‘Emancipendence’ holiday.


This, after attempts by defence lawyers to have Constable Noel Maitland freed by way of a habeas corpus this afternoon (July 29) failed.


Attorney at law Christopher Townsend expressed shock when he was told that his client could not be freed, because another judge had remanded him into custody for 10 days when he appeared in court yesterday.


Townsend said no one informed the lawyers about yesterday’s court appearance.

He said the police have indicated that a question and answer session has been scheduled for tomorrow.

When asked if Maitland’s appearance before the judge yesterday was a breach of process, Townsend said he will be looking into the matter.




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