Union representing workers at NPHL and blood bank confirms employees have taken industrial action

The union representing workers at the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) and the National Blood Transfusion Services (the blood bank) has confirmed that the employees have taken industrial action.

The Union of Technical Administrative and Supervisory Personnel (U-TASP) says this is due to alleged mistreatment of some workers.

General Secretary of U-TASP, St. Patrice Ennis told IRIE FM news that the situation has been ongoing.

He said the most recent incident happened at the weekend.

He said that the workers want some intervention from the Ministry so this treatment can end.

Mr. Ennis said the Ministry has been written to on a number of occasions, about the situation.

The Ministry of Health issued a press release yesterday noting that it is mobilizing resources to carry out emergency services due to workers being absent.

It said it was not advised of any industrial action by the staff but is collaborating with private facilities and individuals, public hospitals with lab services, and the Jamaica Defence Force to carry out the functions.


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