Union and Health Ministry meet, as some NPHL and Blood Bank workers remain off the job

A meeting with representatives of  the Health Ministry and the union representing workers at the National Public Health Laboratory and the National Blood Transfusion Services (Blood Bank) is underway, in a bid to resolve workers’ grouses relating to allegations of mistreatment by senior staff.  

Some upset workers took industrial action, saying the situation has been ongoing for some time and they are fed up.  

General Secretary of the Union of Technical Administrative and Supervisory Personnel, UTASP, St. Patrice Ennis said the most recent incident occurred on the weekend. 

He noted that the affected workers had, on previous occasions, written to the Ministry about the issue. 

He said the workers want the Health Ministry to intervene and address their concerns.

In response to the industrial action, the ministry mobilized resources to carry out emergency services. 

It is collaborating with private facilities and individuals, public hospitals with lab services, and the Jamaica Defence Force, to carry out the functions. 

The ministry said it was not advised of the industrial action by workers. 

Meanwhile, a meeting that was scheduled for today involving the Finance Ministry, and the umbrella trade union was put off, but no new date has yet been set.

The Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, JCTU, said the meeting was intended to facilitate discussion on several outstanding issues for public sector workers, mainly those in central government entities.

JCTU President St. Patrice Ennis explained that these issues include, travelling allowance, uniform and overtime. 


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