Under 20 Reggae Boys head off to Mexico for World Cup qualifiers

Jamaica’s  National  Under  20  footballers  are  getrting  ready  to  head-off  for  Mexico   for  the  Concacaf  under  20  Championships  which  gets  underway  later  this  month.

The  young  Reggae  Boys  who  will  be  seeking  to  qualify  for  the  FIFA  Under  20  World  Cup  for  the  first  time  since  2001, will  contest  Group  A’  alongside   the United States, Costa Rica and Cuba  from  which   the top two teams from each group will advance to the quarter-finals of the competition alongside the two best third place teams

In  the  meantime  Adrian  Reid  of  Cavalier  and  Tawayne  Lynch  of  Mount  Pleasant  head  the  local  based  players  in  the  21  member  squad.

The  other  local  based  players  are  Jloyd  Smith and  Christopher  Ainsworth  of  Cavalier, Alex  James  and  Nashordo Gibbs  of  Real  Mona, Javin  Williams  of  Reno, Shadeko Wizzard and  Nahshon Bolt  of  Arnett  Gardens, Dunstin Cohen of  Vere  United, Brian  Burkett  of  Dunbeholden, Orane Watson  of  Chapelton  Maroons  and  Rashaun Small  of  Portmore  United.

The  overseas  based  players  are  Joshua  Grant, Nyle  Waugh, Avery  Grange, Ashton Gordon, Alexander Bicknell, Fabian Reynolds, Makai Welch  and  Romain Blake.

The  Jerome  Waite  coached  team   which  will  leave  the  island next  Wednesday  will  open  the  tournament  on July  19  against  the  USA.

The four quarter-final winners will book their ticket to the 2025 FIFA Under 20 World Cup which will be hosted in Chile in 2025.


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