Uncertainty about resumption of classes on Thursday at Oberlin High following bizarre incident

There is uncertainty about whether classes will resume at the Oberlin high school today, following early dismissal yesterday, due to some students reportedly acting in a bizarre manner, during devotion.

Its reported that a teacher shared a prayer and spoke in tongues, after which some students fell to the ground, frothing and shaking while others fainted.

The incident prompted the intervention of some local pastors who led another series of prayers.

Videos of the incident have been circulating on social media, with some students expressing that they have been left traumiatised and are afraid of returning to school.

The incident has drawn varied reactions from members of the public, some of whom dismissed claims of students being demon possessed, and pointing instead to other explanations, such as mass hysteria, and possible drug use.

Other commentators called for restrictions on religious practices in education institutions, while some cited religious bias towards Christian beliefs.

The education ministry has indicated, that it will be examining the protocols for school devotions.


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