UN resident coordinator says US $2.5 million has been secured to assist Jamaica in its response to Hurricane Beryl

United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator for Jamaica, Dennis Zulu, says US $2.5 million has been secured to assist the country, in its response to Hurricane Beryl.

The announcement comes as government and non-governmental organizations are undertaking assessments of the damage caused by the hurricane.

Data so far indicates that most of the infrastructure damage-sustained occurred in southern parishes.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon the UN Resident Coordinator said the allocated sum could be increased depending on the government’s assessments.

Mr. Zulu said the government has been receptive of the agency’s offer of assistance.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom government has announced a support package for Jamaica and the other Caribbean nations impacted by Hurricane Beryl.

UK Foreign Secretary David Lammy today noted that the UK government is increasing support up to £500,000 for impacted Caribbean countries.

The financial support is expected to provide immediate relief to meet the needs of those whose homes and livelihoods have been impacted.


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