UK government again faces criticism over handling of cases involving Caribbean Windrush migrants

The United Kingdom government is again facing criticism over its handling of cases involving windrush migrants from the Caribbean.

This after a Jamaican great-grandmother and windrush campaigner who has terminal cancer, begged the home office to resolve her immigration status but it refused to expedite her case.

According to the guardian, 64 year old Eulalee Pennant, of Jamaica, arrived in the UK in 2001 and was granted a student visa.

At one point, her immigration case was stuck in a home office backlog for a decade.

She was granted discretionary leave to remain in 2019 on the basis of family life with her partner, Gilford Fraser, a british citizen and windrush descendant, who arrived in the UK from Jamaica in 1968 at the age of 12.

Pennant’s leave to remain ran out in January this year. She has made a new application for further leave to remain, but is still waiting for the home office to process it.

She was working as a carer during the pandemic, but was diagnosed with stage 4 small round cell sarcoma in April and has been given just months to live by her doctors.

Pennant has no recourse to public funds, so she cannot access benefits that could make her final months more comfortable.

Her MP, Diane Abbott, wrote to the home office asking it to expedite her application for further leave to remain, but officials wrote in response that while they were sorry about pennant’s ill health, they would not expedite the application despite the limited time pennant has left to live.


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