UCASE calls for removal of contract clause, which gives employers the right to dismiss workers, due to mental health issues

The Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE) has called for the removal of the contract clause, which gives an employer the right to dismiss a worker, due to mental health issues.

The union has taken note of an incident, at an educational institution, involving a teacher who reportedly had a mental health breakdown, and this situation has renewed concern about the possibility of this problematic clause, being used.

UCASE wants both the public and private sectors, to remove from all employment contracts, the clause that gives the employer the right to dismiss, without notice, or payment in lieu of notice, any employee who “becomes of unsound mind”.

General secretary of UCASE, John Levy said this clause is out-dated, backward, and discriminatory.

Mr. Levy said a more enlightened view of mental health challenges should be adopted, in keeping with medical advancements.

He wants the Ministers of Health, Finance, and Labour, to hold consultations with mental health experts, all trade unions and the employers’ federation, and begin the process of making the required changes.

Mr. Levy pointed out that, with the observance of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, as well as National Workers Week, it’s an opportune time for the matter to be reviewed.


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