UC Rusal staff protest over wage talks between union and company

Production workers employed to UC Rusal protested on Monday morning over the break down in wage talks between their union and the company.

The Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, (Ucase), represents over 600 production workers.

The industrial action by the workers follows a series of events last week : three days of conciliatory meetings at the Labour Ministry, the issuing of a strike notice, referral of the dispute to the industrial disputes tribunal on Friday night, and the issuing of an order to refrain from industrial action on Saturday from the IDT.

Wage negotiations commenced in October of last year with the company offering six per cent for each year of the two year contract.

However Ucase says the company has not addressed the claim for benefits such as notice and redundancy payment, overtime and medical coverage.

It’s reported that Monday‘s strike which began at 6 A.M. , took place at the Ewarton Plant, Kirkvine and Port Esquivel locations.

Ucase President Vincent Morrison says he was informed this morning that the order prohibiting the industrial action was sent to his office yesterday and he would ask the workers to return to work.

Irie Fm News understands that some of the upset workers are against returning to work.

Its not clear if the industrial action has ended.


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