Two separate crashes along Ocho Rios bypass in St. Ann result in multiple injuries

A second 2 vehicle crash along the Ocho Rios by pass in St. Ann today has resulted in more people being seriously injured.

In the first incident this morning, 2 vehicles collided in the vicinity of the Fesco service station.

The crash involved a private motor car and a grey pro box taxi.

Then, just before 3 o’clock this afternoon, the second crash occurred in the vicinity of the Tropical garage, next door to Irie F M broadcast house.

This incident involved a white Nissan pickup mini truck and a grey minivan.

While police officers and fire fighters responded quickly to the scene, they reportedly arrived after passers-by took the injured persons to hospital.

Alleged eye witnesses told Irie F M News that the grey minivan had about 5 persons, all young males, aboard and that they sustained serious injuries.

The 3 occupants of the pickup escaped injury.

Police reports are that the grey van was speeding along the soft shoulder of the roadway.

Further reports are that the pickup truck driver was turning from the highway, into the garage, when the truck was hit by the van.

Speaking with Irie F M News, the driver of the pickup explained that after hitting the truck, the van then slammed into a curb wall. 

He lamented that too many young people are driving carelessly and urged them to be more cautious.


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