Two policemen charged in relation to last month’s fatal shooting of man in St. Andrew

Two policemen have been charged in relation to the fatal shooting of Phillip Wallace at East Kirkland Heights in St. Andrew on Saturday, July 16.


Wallace was reportedly shot and killed by three men at about 10:41 am.


In a statement yesterday (August 2), the Independent Commission of Investigations said Corporal Miguel Ebanks and Constable Purcell Carter have been charged in relation to the incident.


It said the policemen who were placed before the Kingston and St. Andrew parish court were each charged with ​​murder, shooting with intent, and making use of a firearm to commit a felony.


Corporal Ebanks was further charged with two counts of committing an act of corruption.


The police officers have been remanded until Friday when they will return to court.


Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey also gave an update on the case during a press briefing yesterday.


He said a third cop who fled the island is still being sought in relation to the incident.





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