Two Petersfield High students dead in fiery Westmoreland crash, school in mourning

Two students died in a fiery collision along the Petersfield Main Road in Westmoreland, on Tuesday morning.

They are: 16-year-old Ajani Robinson and 14-year-old Zackeal McIntire, both of Darliston, in Westmoreland.

Irie Fm news understands that both students attended the Petersfield High School.

Reports from the Whithorn police are that about 6:50 a.m., Robinson and McIntire were travelling on a motorcycle heading in a northerly direction.

They were maneuvering a corner and lost control of the vehicle and collided with a motorcar, which caught fire.

The police were summoned, and the boys were taken to the hospital, where they died while undergoing treatment.

In the meantime, the Petersfield High school has once again been plunged into mourning following the death of the two students in a fiery crash along the Petersfield main road in Westmoreland, on Tuesday morning.

This is the second accident in which a student of the institution has passed in recent times.

Last Monday, 15-year-old Lavecia Forrester and four others died in a crash along the Blue Fields main road.

Speaking to Irie Fm news on Tuesday morning acting Vice Principal Junior Clarke said he is not in the best state of mind at this time.

He said 16-year-old Ajani Robinson and 14-year-old Zackeal McIntyre, were known to be quiet individuals.


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