Two Jamaicans including most wanted man facing extradition in Haiti

Two Jamaicans, including a man listed as most wanted by the St James police, are facing extradition from Haiti, after being apprehended by the Haitian National Police, in April.

They are, 25-year-old Oshane Francis otherwise called “Bruk-hand”, and 31-year-old Jason Latouche.

According to reports in the Haitian Times, the men were arrested in a commune in northern Haiti, following reports from local residents about armed men in the area.

The men had reportedly been in Haiti for about two months.

Residents claimed that the two men owned a small boat, presumably used for their journey from Jamaica to Haiti.

However, authorities have yet to locate the boat or any weapons.

During the arrest-operations-on April 24, Haiti’s National Police reportedly discovered marijuana joints, which the men allegedly had in their possession.

The timeline for their extradition has not yet been determined.

The men are currently being held in a jail in northern Haiti.

Francis, has been on the St. James police most wanted list, since May last year, due to his involvement in a series of double and triple murders.


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