Trelawny woman accused of killing husband charged

The Trelawny woman accused of killing her husband in Wakefield last week, has been arrested and charged.

She is 56 year old Sylvia Brown, a babysitter of Moorefield District, in Wakefield.

Police had been seeking Brown since the death of her husband, 59 year-old fisherman, David Brown also of Moorefield District, allegedly during a domestic dispute.

The police had appealed for Mrs Brown to turn herself in.

Head of the Trelawny police Superintendent Winston Milton said the widow surrendered to the police on Tuesday, accompanied by her lawyer.

He said Mrs. Brown was interviewed, after which she was charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.

Superintendent Milton said, both Mrs Brown, and her brother, 60 year old Lester Montague, a gardner of Tilston, are expected to appear before the court, later this week.

Montague was earlier charged with murder.

Reports are that on December 30, residents heard screams coming from the Brown’s house and later stumbled on the wounded man, in nearby bushes.

The police were alerted, and officers who responded found brown wrapped in a sheet, with wounds all over his body.

Brown was taken to hospital, where he later succumbed.


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