Transport operators welcome opportunity to pay outstanding traffic ticket fines but still not satisfied with length of time offered

While transport operators have welcomed the decision of the Government to allow them time to pay outstanding traffic tickets, concern is being raised about the length of time offered.


A release from the Office of the Prime Minister last night, indicated that motorists with outstanding tickets from after February 1, 2018, will have up to February 1, 2023 to pay the fines.


Once the tickets are paid before February 1, demerit points will be expunged upon the implementation of the new Road Traffic Act.


The move came after weeks of calls for a traffic ticket amnesty.


In response to the payment arrangement, the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) noted that persons now have less than 50 days to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.


TODSS President, Egeton Newman said many drivers will not be able to pay their outstanding traffic tickets in the time allotted.


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