Transport operators anticipate announcement of new date for postponed fare increase

Transport operators are looking forward to the announcement of a new date for the fare increase that should have taken effect Monday, April 1.

The increase was postponed after groups representing public passenger operators and the Finance and Transport ministries agreed to delay it.

Transport Minister Daryl Vaz had announced the two part increase in transportation fares last October.

Motorists were to get a combined 35 per cent hike.

19 percent effective October 15, 2023 and 16 percent at the start of this month.

The decision to delay the second part of the increase led to disgruntlement amongst some operators and alleged plans to withdraw service.

But atleast one taxi group is reporting that its members heeded a call for operators not to participate in a strike over the postponement.

President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, (TODSS), Egeton Newman said he received no report of industrial action.

He said while some operators wanted to strike they have decided to comply allowing organizations to continue negotiations with the government.

He said while a definitive answer has not been given by the government regarding when the next phase of the increase will be implemented, he believes it will come next year.


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