Transport Minister says authorities will have to consider options to better protect JUTC employees

Transport Minister Daryl Vaz says the authorities will have to consider options to better protect Jamaica Urban Transit Company, (JUTC) employees.

He notes that they leave their homes before the crack of dawn each morning to provide service to Jamaicans.

Mr. Vaz in responding to the stabbing and wounding of a JUTC driver yesterday, is also  appealing  to all JUTC employees to remain vigilant and report any concern they may have regarding their safety while on duty.

Meantime Mr. Vaz is condemning the wounding of the bus driver saying the safety and well-being of  transport workers are paramount, and any act of violence against them is unacceptable. 

He adds that the stabbing of the JUTC driver is not only a tragic event, but also a stark reminder of the challenges drivers and essential workers face daily.

The transport minister notes that the drivers play a crucial role in the transport sector and deserve  utmost respect and expressed his sympathy to the affected bus driver and his family. 

He further notes, in light of this incident and out of concern for the safety of transport operators, he is urging all stakeholders to help protect essential workers.


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