Transport Authority to hold meeting to discuss ticketing system and of licence suspensions, amidst concerns from public transport operators

The Transport Authority will be holding a meeting tomorrow to facilitate discussions related to the traffic ticketing system and the suspension of drivers’ licences.

The meeting follows concerns raised by at least two public transport groups that several of their members would lose their licences if authorities resume suspension for offenders with more than 10 demerit points.  

A release from the Transport Authority said Public Transport Operators are being invited to the meeting on Wednesday, at 1:00 P.M., at its Maxfield Avenue location to discuss the issues.

It noted that police and other stakeholders will be present to address questions and concerns regarding traffic tickets to ensure there is continued dialogue and efficient operations in the transport sector.

Meantime, Director General of Road Traffic at the ITA, Colonel Daniel Pryce, said the meeting will address and clarify misconceptions regarding demerit points under the Road Traffic Act and its regulations.

He noted the operators’ concerns regarding specific fines and demerit points, while stressing that the changes are necessary to combat disorder and reduce crashes.


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